About us

The Programme was envisaged in 2010. Its conception arose from the need to provide artists in Zimbabwe with activities directly in touch with current international contemporary artists globally. By creating a space that offers various types of exchanges through international activities and events organised in Zimbabwe; the project facilitates a series of developments aimed to foster an artistic praxis connected with contemporary peers all around the world.

The Programme currently focuses on local talent and hopes to broaden its horizons internationally. The Programme has managed to take in 4 artists from February 2016 to date. The Programme has managed to connect 2 artists with another residency programme for February 2018 in Amsterdam, and this continues their creative and cultural growth, exposure to the international contemporary art scene and learning new skills.
The Animal Farm is an artist collaborative resolute to the cultural enhancement of the rural community. Inspired and influenced by the power of creativity, the residency programme endeavours to provide a stage for creative growth and development. The use of private studio work and research work in the community would be employed to ensure maximum engagement between artists and the community.
The vision is to create a scalable model that promises a brighter future by exposing artists to community social responsibility and philanthropy while challenging, equipping and developing the community through interventions that informs, inspire, a culture of social,economic and political  change through a sustainable program. The residency mainly focuses on young talented and underprivileged artists.
In brief, it is an artists’ network space, serving as a base for intercultural exchanges amongst artists and academics. It should enable to share ideas, creative skills and encourage innovative thinking about society’s challenges. This program in the South of the Sahara paves a way for a liberal reflection on artistic work situated in an inspirational environment.
Location and Projects
The Animal Farm is located in Zvimba Rural area, which is 128 km from Harare, and a second location in Chitungwiza. The main goal of the projects is to run on an agricultural permaculture model, that would assist in the artists in residence expenses, promoting sustainability of the programme. The Animal Farm has established the following:
●    3 acre Garden,
●    Herbal garden,
●    Pig sty,
●    Cattle Kraal,
●    Goats ,
●    Fowl Run,  
●    Bee hives,
●    Pigeon Nest,

The community in collaboration with the artists managed to:
●    Construct a 15 000 litre Water Storage Tank,
●    Acquire 2 Water pumps,


Opportunities for Partners

Partnering Organizations or individuals would have various opportunities within the community and the nation as a whole. Opportunities for Partners would include but not limited to:
●    Increase visibility to a developing community
●    Play an active role in the education of artists in residence.
●    Exposure to new and young talent
●    Participate in the establishment of a world class art centre and residency programme in a developing country
●    Play an active role in educating the community on contemporary art and culture.
●    Play an active role in developing sustainable infrastructure which they would be accredited for.

Who we Are

The expansion of the Animal Farm Residency programme, will allow our programme to expand into new areas mainly :-
●    Bringing a new dimension to the Zimbabwean art community as it would combine art, architecture, food and culture at an international level.
●    The capacity to cater for international artists in residence, guest mentors and activities.
●    Exposure of the Zimbabwean community to contemporary art and modern architecture, as well as enhance creative and artistic skills of artists in residence.
●    Job creation through the construction of various infrastructure components.